Baby Bump Update: Weeks 29 and 31

Baby Bump Week 29

The time is flying by… no official picture for Week 29.  I did, however, snap this quick photo while we were out of town.  Baby is definitely growing!

Time: November 27th- December 3rd

Highlights: James and I traveled to Kansas City over the weekend to attend a wedding.  We were able to squeeze in a quick dinner date on the first night we arrived in an area called The Plaza.  All the buildings were adorned with festive lights, which created a magical atmosphere.  (I later read that they start decorating this area after Labor Day and aren’t finished taking down the lights until March!)

Milestone: The nursery is painted as of this week!

Week 31

Baby Bump Week 31

Time: December 11th- 17th

Developmental Milestones: Baby’s eyes are finally open after being fused shut for approximately 18 weeks and her irises are reacting to light.

Cravings: Vanilla ice cream drizzled in caramel and chocolate sauce!  Also, clementines… they are so delicious!  For better or worse, I discovered Whole Foods’ version of Gingerbread Scones.  I absolutely LOVE them… now, if they could just take out those pesky calories!

Highlights:  James and I had triple duty this week in terms of preparing for Baby’s arrival– we attended a breastfeeding basics workshop, a Holiday prenatal yoga class, and the last session of our birthing course.  What a line-up!  I have also started to feel quite a bit of tightening around my abdomen while walking or exercising… small contractions preparing for the big day!

James and I also spent quite a bit of time in the nursery organizing all the wonderful gifts from our baby shower.  I am absolutely overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity.  More details and photos to come from this special day!

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